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The workplace is never static.

The workplace is never static. Developments include the widespread use of public cloud storage services like Dropbox and the growing use of virtual servers. Cloud-based storage is vital to businesses so data protection must continue to evolve to meet these changing realities. Organizations need to extend their data protection policies to focus on securing the data wherever it’s stored and not just securing particular devices.

Ultimately, the “where” doesn’t matter. What’s important is that your data is securely encrypted, independent of its location. Your data protection strategy can't focus solely on encrypting laptops, desktop computers and USB devices. Instead you need to enable encrypted data to move seamlessly between storage locations, secure from prying eyes but immediately accessible to those who need it.


We see four developments in the data protection environment:

  • Securing data in cloud storage services
  • Securing data on mobile devices (Tablets & Smartphones)
  • Securing central file shares
  • Securing virtual servers

Public cloud providers are a cost-effective way to host virtual servers. They eliminate the management overhead of traditional IT hardware options.

And it’s a good bet that they provide a better level of backup and disaster recovery than many organizations could manage internally. The downside is security. First you need to consider how secure your data is in the cloud. If your provider is compromised or has rogue employees, data can get into the wrong hands. And if you want to switch virtual providers, can you be sure that your data is no longer stored with the former provider? The solution is to encrypt the data. So it doesn’t matter if the data gets into the wrong hands because it can’t be accessed.

Available modules

Management Center

Implements and enforces a common, organization-wide security policy framework, providing you with a central point of management control in mixed IT environments.

Encryption for Cloud Storage

Encrypts files uploaded to cloud storage services from managed computers. We also include readers for opening these files on iOS and Android devices.

Device Encryption

Transparently encrypts data on laptops, desktops and external media, protecting your users against unauthorized access, loss or theft of data.

Encryption for File Shares

Encrypts user data across workgroups. Protect your data on local drives and network servers, at both the file and directory levels.

Data Exchange

Ensures the secure exchange of data on removable media with your business partners and customers, even if they don’t have a SafeGuard application installed.

Native Device Encryption

Manages third-party security applications such as Windows BitLocker and Mac FileVault 2 drive encryption.



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