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Mobile Device Management

Enterprise Mobility Management

Mobile Device management

  • Easily manage and control BYOD and corporate-owned devices
  • Spend less time and effort enabling the use of mobile devices in your business without the associated risks
  • Control Windows 10 laptops, tablets, and desktops alongside mobile devices
  • Lock, wipe, and locate functionality protects against loss and theft and can be triggered from the admin console or by users through the Self Service Portal
  • Easy to install, configure, manage, and maintain
  • 100% malware detection by Mobile Security for Android app

Mobile Content Management

  • Encrypt all your data on the mobile device without slowing your users down.
  • Encrypt each file with optional add-on tool
  • Rest assured that your documents and data remain safeā€”not just in the office, but everywhere your users go
  • Powerful containers ensure sensitive company data stays safe
  • Sophos Secure Workspace container allows for secure distribution of documents
  • Sophos Secure Email container keeps your business email, calendar, and contacts safe
  • Sophos Corporate Browser provides easy and unified access to business-related and corporate sites
  • Containers enable seamless exchange of encrypted content within organization.

Mobile Application Management

  • Secure, track, manage, deploy, and remove apps.
  • Securely manage apps for individual users or groups
  • App blacklisting and whitelisting, individually or in easily defined groups
  • Add extra layers of security to in-house apps
  • Support for Apple Volume Purchase Program

Mobile email Management:

Maximize your investment in OS platforms with secure access to corporate email.


  • Samsung Knox
  • iOS

Consistent and flexible management of business email

  • Provide users access to business email in minutes
  • Control email access based on conditions like device health and compliance
  • Remove business email instantly when a device is lost or a user leaves the company
  • Secure, containerized solution for email, calendar, and contacts
  • Secure Email lets IT provision business email securely and consistently across all Android OS flavors, a major timesaver in a BYOD environment.

Simple Containers - Strong Security

Email Container

Secure Email helps IT easily provision secure corporate email.

  • Provides a secure containerized solution for email, calendar and contacts
  • Isolate corporate provisioned email and related calendar and contacts from other email on device
  • Additional password protection for work email
  • Available for Android and iOS


Secure Workspace enables employees to access the files they need to work securely on mobile devices.

  • Push important documents to users
  • Add or edit documents, annotate on PDFs or fill forms and make collaboration easy across the enterprise, using mobile devices
  • Controls access and publishing rights for various cloud storage providers like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, Egnyte, and WebDAV solutions
  • Easily encrypt important files with optional file encryption so that your documents and data remain safe


Maximize your investment in OS platforms with secure access to corporate email.

Supported systems:

  • Samsung Knox
  • iOS managed settings


Corporate Browser helps IT provide secure browsing access to corporate websites.

  • Push most used business related websites to users for secure access
  • IT can provide secure browsing access to the most used corporate sites
  • Simplifies single sign-on to corporate intranet sites and other frequently accessed websites
  • Enable or disable "save password" to reduce risk for important corporate sites.


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