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Network Access Control

Don't just connect the dots. Control them.

New devices join your network every hour. Unmanaged notebooks, smartphones and tablets. Internet of Things (IoT) devices of all shapes and sizes. Rogue endpoints. Servers. These devices significantly expand your attack surface yet are invisible to many security products.

We can see them, control them and orchestrate system-wide response.

Network Access Control

See devices and details other systems can't

Our solutions see desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, IoT endpoints, peripherals and rogue devices the instant they connect to your network—even if they don’t have security agents installed. It discovers servers, routers and access points, too. It gathers in-depth insights about device types, users, applications, operating systems and more. Then it continuously monitors the devices. No agents. No excuses.

Control enforcement, not chaos

Unlike solutions that simply provide alerts and send IT scrambling, our solutions allows, denies or limits network access based on device posture and your security policies. It can also automatically assess and remediate malicious or high-risk endpoints to help you comply with industry mandates and regulations. We make sure that you are compliant today and in the future!

Orchestrate system-wide security

Don't change your network on our behalf. We work with wired and wireless network infrastructure, as well as Windows®, Linux, iOS®, OS X and Android. Chances are, if you have it, we work with it—including your existing security management tools. A special Architecture shares information and automates workflows to help more than 70 third-party tools improve and unify system-wide security.


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