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Real Life Awareness Training

BPN Awareness Training mitigates espionage and cyber crime risks while increasing your organizational resilience.

Employee sensitization creates awareness for existense-threatening risks and enables your employees to detect critical information and divisions. Knowledge is the foundation for effective countermeasures.

The conveyed insights result in a sustainable behavioral change of employees according to the company‘s security policy.

The trainings are conducted from an attacker‘s point of view. Experts explain the attacker‘s real course of action based on personal experience.

BPN Real Life Awareness Trainings combine knowledge transfer based on real attacks with practical exercises for your employees.


  • Quality over Quantity
    Individual, targeted and tailored trainings increase your defensive capabilities against attacks. Targetgroup oriented current real life examples and showcases of real attacks convey beyond functional knowledge also deep understanding of actual threats and required countermeasures and behaviour.

  • Effective and proven Methodology
    Merging scientific content with applied methodologies of Human Intelligence creates theoretical and practical substantiated content. Beyond this BPN leverages the experiences gained from 10 years of IT-Penetration Tests, Physical Penetration Tests, Social Engineering and Incident Investigation.
  • Sustainable Approach
    Employee awareness of attack threats and risks enables sustainable identification of critical areas and information. Already established risk management methodologies and processes will be enhanced by deep insights into the threat situation. Beyond that your employees will enhance their cognitive and communication capabilities resulting also in positive impact on interaction with colleagues, customers and partners.

  • Experts
    A comprehensive pool of experts with international experience from governmental organizations, agencies as well as specialized private companies enables the integration and combination of multiple attack perspectives. Longtime experience with performing penetration tests for private and governmental organizations are beyond pure knowledge transfer.

Real Life Awarenesstraining




The participants contribute to reduce your rorganization‘s risks by…

  • knowing which objectives an attacker persues
  • recognizing your organization‘s critical targets and information
  • understanding how an attacker proceeds and which employees will be targeted
  • recognizing actual attack patterns
  • executing appropriate countermeasures to an ongoing attack
  • consciously sensing threats
  • recognizing that rather abstract organizations but they themselves are attack targets

Every company is a potential target

Attackers differentiate by their objectives, intentions and motivations…
 …but hardly by their course of action

Attackers do not target abstract organizations…
 …but real persons based on open source information

Imagine your company would have been attacked…
 …and it is your fault.


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