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At some point, individual-related security risks along with the capabilities of potential candidates or business partners raise the question of trust for ambitious enterprises. Background researches of both individuals or groups represent a proved and efficient method of risk minimization.

When selecting the personnel to be screened in regard to the vacancies to be staffed and / or access to company relevant information the “Quality before Quantity” principle is vital.

The framework of “BPN Background Checks” comprises Human Intelligence methods that are used to conduct researches in order to verify or falsify statements given by the applicants. Furthermore, BPN offers support with the identification of risks that can occur when staffing sensible vacancies.

According to the high sensitivity of the subject matter and the operating procedures of BPN, confidentiality is the most valuable asset for the acting parties. At the same time, involvement and briefing of the entitled internal stakeholders, interfaces and decision-makers must be ensured in order to facilitate highest possible acceptance for the processes.

Being an expert in security concerns, BPN is supporting you with the development and the implementation of concepts and processes necessary for reviewing individuals and contractors who should acquire access to sensitive cooperate data and knowledge.


For more information regarding our services and solutions contact one of BPN sales representatives. Our agents are available to help with your security needs. Fill out our contact form and one of our representatives will be in touch to discuss how BPN can assist you.

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