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IT Incident Response

Successful attacks on your company‘s IT system might result in loss of intellectual property, customer data, reputation as well as other financial and intangible assets.
Anyway it has to be taken for granted that your company‘s security system is not 100% effective.

The objective of BPN Security Incident Response is the recovery of a sustainable and effective security system.  By comprehensive surveillance of your IT communication channels in the areas of

  • C&C traffic
  • Reconnaissance Lateral Movement
  • Privileg Escalation
  • Identity theft
  • Data exfiltration

Potential compromises will be detected, critical vulnerabilities fixed to prevent subsequent attacks and associated losses.

After containment of the immediate threat the conducted attack will be reconstructed and analyzed by thorough investigations and structured interviews. Thereof derived insights of the event sequence and perpetrator profile reveal further weakness and vulnerabilities.

BPN Security Incident Response provides a holistic view on the occurred attack and a comprehensive analysis of the exploited vulnerabilities. The gained insights bring you into the position to initiate targeted countermeasures and establish preventive measures to be prepared for state of the art cyber attacks.

Immediate Action

Monitoring of IT-communication (global)

C&C Traffic Reconnaissance Lateral Movement

Privileg Escalation Identity Theft Data Exfiltration

Kill possible Backdoors & Connections


Immediate IT-Counter-Measures

Situation Assessment

Analysis & Evaluation of Customer‘s Documents

OSINT / Investigation of analog attacks at other enterprises/organization

Initial Interview with Customer‘s POC

Develop Operations Plan

Human Intelligence


Source Handling


Analysis & Evidence Extraction

Analyse Perpetrator´s Profil

Hypothesis Validation

Iterative Evidence Collection


Final Analysis & Evaluation

Prepare Re-commendation

Create Final Report

Provide Insights of assessed situation and deduced recommendation


For more information regarding our services and solutions contact one of BPN sales representatives. Our agents are available to help with your security needs. Fill out our contact form and one of our representatives will be in touch to discuss how BPN can assist you.

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